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Awarded in 2014 with the medal of honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts Academy in Brazil, ATIM has been featured in over 32 international TV shows including Italy, USA, Canada, Venezuela and Spain.

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ArtTour International Magazine

With a readership of 2.1 million adults in 125 countries, ArtTour International Magazine has the largest audience of the industry. Keeping the magazine focused on bringing art news in a human-interest story format has contributed significantly to its rapid early success. The magazine covers, analyzes, comments on, and defines art news, culture, and personalities that influence the art industry.

Dedicated to exposing visual and performing artists to the eyes of art lovers worldwide, ArtTour International is a beautiful, sophisticated, bold, distinguished magazine covering everything from publication design to interactive work, motion graphics, corporate branding, exhibitions, illustration and socially conscious design.

In 2014 the publication was awarded the “Medal of Honor” by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil for its outstanding contribution promoting the arts globally through excellence in editorial and circulation—the industry’s highest honor in Brazil.


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ArtTour International introduces ATIM Web T.V., an innovative new concept in the visual arts. The channel reaches a worldwide audience via YouTube, web channels and satellite TV. ATIM Web T.V.’s easy to use, interactive live-event publishing platform provides truly global exposure for artists, galleries, film makers and creative individuals who wish to make use of our virtual gallery. A wide range of art organizations, as well as thousands of readers each month, have access to the virtual gallery as well as news of openings and breaking stories in the art world.


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